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Happy "Paper" Anniversary, Naturolly!


Naturolly First Paper Anniversary Banner gold yellow fairy lights aesthetic

🧻”Paper” Anniversary🧻

The first anniversary is traditionally celebrated with the gift of paper. The fibres within paper symbolize strength and connectivity. It also represents a blank slate, a new beginning. How serendipitous!

We are celebrating our 1st anniversary today on July 1st. Thank you so much for being there with us this past year— we couldn’t have done it without you! We truly appreciate all the support we receive, whether it be an order, a comment, a like, or an encouraging message.

It was like a roller coaster ride starting a new small independent business in the middle of a global pandemic. But we learned a lot of valuable lessons, and pushed on because we and our customers believed in making a positive change to our planet, one roll of toilet paper at a time.

Let’s continue fighting deforestation and plastic pollution together! Cheers to another year! 🥂

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