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Why Naturolly is the Best Bamboo Toilet Paper (yes, tooting our own horn)

Conscious Design Process

We believe in delivering the best quality we can to our customers, creating the most valuable product from Earth’s resources. After all, toilet paper is something we interact with everyday so we want to make it a pleasant experience. This is why we feel the necessity to consider every aspects of this daily toiletry before selecting only the best to put into production.

Our Verdict

Our Naturolly toilet paper is our favourite among a dozen other toilet paper brands we have tested, including test samples from both major conventional brands and from our niche bamboo market. We know from experience because we tested them ourselves!


Softness: Our bathroom tissues have the softest bamboo fibres due to its 15gsm density and 3-ply construction. It does not feel quite the same as fibres made from wood, which is downier. Bamboo fibres are silkier and sleeker. We tested this by feel in blind tests. All other samples except the wood fibre and Naturolly tissues were rougher to us.

Absorption: No chemical were used to enhance absorption in our toilet paper. Naturolly tissues absorbed the best in the bamboo 3-ply category and third best overall. First place was a conventional brand, and second place was a bamboo brand 4-ply. We tested this by spilling water directly onto each roll of paper and counting how many sheets were soaked.

Strength: Unbleached bamboo fibres are naturally stronger than bleached tissues. The amount of pressure applied is quite a variable personal factor, so we looked from another perspective. We know people use toilet paper for more than just their bottoms. We tested the ability of the paper to hold up when blowing our nose, wiping glasses, and cleaning the sink counter. We are happy to report that our bamboo paper held together well!

Tearing: We are picky about the perforation of each sample, tearing through sheet after sheet to find the cleanest rips. Naturolly rolls were easy to tear and consistently uniform. We found that this has to do with the sharpness of our machines and the balanced embossing pattern we chose.

Disintegration: Nobody wants a clogged toilet, so we took one for the team. We started testing by agitating a single sheet of tissue in a glass of tap water, and then we followed with real flushing tests. Sadly, a couple other bamboo samples did actually block up our drain. Rest assured, Naturolly toilet paper was able to break down into pieces in the water without causing any plumbing problems for us.

Ply: In our honest opinion, 3-ply bamboo paper is equal to 2-ply wood paper. 2-ply bamboo is too weak, similar to the objectionable 1-ply public washroom tissues. 4-ply bamboo is luxurious but using too much can clog up the toilet, especially if you have little kids at home learning how to use toilet paper.+ Naturolly 3-ply bamboo is our “goldilocks” ply.

Core: The bamboo core was selected for its sustainable fibres. No other companies we tested offered this. We requested the core to be made slightly smaller on purpose, to reduce waste. More paper and less air!

Packaging: The box was collaboratively designed by a local graphic designer from Toronto and our founder. Paper tape is used instead of plastic. It’s strong enough because our box is not too big. No individual paper wrappers to throw away.

Our Review



Other bamboo brands

Conventional brands






Good absorption

Equal or worse

Good absorption


Good strength

Good strength

Ripped easily


Uniform, clean

Torn into pieces

Uniform, clean



Mostly integrated to intact



Bamboo pulp, moderate size

Wood pulp, thick

Wood pulp, thin


Box, paper tape

Plastic, box, individual paper wrappers


Some say what we do is obsession. We call it enthusiasm.

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