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Our Story

Naturolly unbleached bamboo toilet paper in plastic-free recycled cardboard box packaging 

We make unbleached bamboo toilet paper in plastic-free packaging.
Naturolly is an independent, Canadian-owned business founded in 2020 by Angel He. She lamented that she could only buy toilet paper that came in plastic. On top of that, she was flushing Canada’s valuable forests down the drain. Conventional toilet paper contributes negatively to both global waste and deforestation.
Naturolly works around unnecessary waste by solving problems creatively and realistically. We know people will not stop using toilet paper entirely because it's a great invention! Similarly, instead of banning cars we should make better eco cars! We made toilet paper out of bamboo for its fast growing properties, and because we don't settle, we made the core from bamboo as well. We are not fans of wasteful packaging, so we went with the minimum, chose paper tape instead of plastic tape, recyclable soybean ink, and tastefully branded our products without the use of excess material. We want the choice of sustainability to be realistic and simple. 
We make eco-friendly products without compromising on the quality. Naturolly believes in making better business decisions so you can have better choices. We are incredibly excited to share our vision for greener living with you, one roll at a time. 


My name is Angel, and I'm the founder of Naturolly. I love the colour green, classical/all music, and dry humour. I live in Toronto, Canada.
Naturolly founder Angel HeIn and around my city, I can mainly buy white toilet paper which are made of trees from our dwindling Canadian forests. Most of the time it's packed in a plastic bag, inside another plastic bag. 

The story started when I was travelling in Asia. There, I came across unbleached toilet paper for the first time and thought: "why can't all toilet paper be simple like this?" While we commonly had unbleached napkins in Canada, I always thought it was far too rough to be used on the body. 

After realizing that unbleached toilet paper is not only possible but awesome, I went onto search for healthier and more sustainable toilet paper back in Toronto but to no avail. So I decided, "I'm going to sell it myself."

As I researched and brainstormed, I wanted to challenge another convention of toilet paper-- the raw material. Instead of cutting down trees that take years to grow, bamboo would be used for their superb regeneration rate. I believe the core to environmental change is making environmentally-responsible decisions on the industrial level. 

In terms of design, well, you know I didn't end up using my little brother's sketch. I worked with local Torontonian graphic designer and good friend, Sophia Luo, to create the artworks.

After months of researching, designing, and communicating, I proudly present to you-- Naturolly! Though we only have one product right now, I truly hope you like it at least half as much I do!

I hope you enjoyed your stay and thanks for reading. 



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