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Our Bamboo

Naturolly unbleached bamboo toilet paper and bamboo core printed with soybean ink

Naturolly toilet paper and inner core are made from 100% bamboo.

Very few brands can offer both bamboo paper and bamboo core and we are proud to be one of them! 

Our products contain no fillers like sugarcane and recycled wood.

The species of bamboo we use is: Neosinocalamus affinis/Bambusa emeiensis is locally known as Ci'Zhu which literally translates to "Kind Bamboo". 

Naturolly unbleached bamboo toilet paper rolled out

Nature, but make it fashion.
Why be bounded by the doctrine that clean bathroom tissue must be stark white?

Less Irritants
Natural unbleached bamboo toilet paper is just as hygienic as whitened paper, only without the regular exposure of harsh chlorine bleach from your toilet paper onto your body.

More strength
Unbleached bamboo tissues are naturally stronger than bleached tissues because the chemical agents used to break down the natural pigments also break down the plant’s structure.+


Naturolly unbleached bamboo toilet paper wavy roll

None of the Nasties

🚫No BPA from receipts, newspaper ink, and carbon copy paper (found in recycled paper tissues in traces)

🚫No whitening chemical agents such as chlorine bleach

🚫No fragrance, dyes, inks

🚫No formaldehyde used to improve wet-strength (commonly used in ultra strong papers)+

🚫No fertilizer, pesticides, or herbicides

Feel safer and at ease knowing that one of your daily essential items is toxin-free. 




Sichuan Bamboo

Sichuan giant panda eating bamboo and bamboo shoots, back view

Known for its Giant Pandas, bamboo, and spicy food, Sichuan is a province in southwestern China. Our bamboo forests accumulate an increasing amount of bamboo from which we gratefully collect, because we harvest less than how much they grow.

The particular type of bamboo we use for our paper products is Neosinocalamus affinis (or Bambusa emeiensis) and is not a food source of Giant Pandas.

Our high quality bamboo papers have a beautiful natural tan hue that signifies its density, providing strength and softness. Lighter tan papers are not as dense. 

Bamboo symbolizes moral integrity, modesty, loyalty, and elegance in Chinese culture.

Why Bamboo? 

27,000 trees are discarded worldwide each day from toilet paper use alone+ thus contributing to deforestation.

Bamboo is the new wood because it is the fastest growing plant in the world.+ It regenerates after being cut, unlike a tree. You are not taking a life when using bamboo. When you choose bamboo, you choose sustainability. Go #treefree!


Naturolly yellow cizhu bamboo forest by Gary Tou

Sustainable Superhero Stats

⭐Is the fastest growing plant in the world!+
⭐Regenerates up to 4 cm (1.6 in) per hour, or 9.1 cm (36 in) per day+
⭐Sequesters up to 12 tons of CO2 from the air per hectare
⭐Generates up to 35% more oxygen than trees of similar height
⭐Grows organically with no fertilizer, pesticides, or herbicides
⭐Does not die when you cut it down
⭐Is actually a tall grass 

Grows in abundance

Sometimes bamboo can over-grow in a "clump", leading to numerous gardening blogs writing about how to weed them out.+ You can feel good knowing you are practically helping by using bamboo as bathroom tissue.