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Frequently Asked Questions

Is bamboo endangered?

No, bamboo is the fastest growing plant in the world. It is in abundance.

Is bamboo a tree?

No, bamboo is in the grass family. No life is taken when it is cut, unlike a tree. Go #treefree!

Is bamboo soft?

The short answer: yes!

The long answer: softness is subjective.

Depending on what you are using, your current tree TP could be plush or silky. Naturolly TP is closer to the silkier type of texture. Our TP has a natural unbleached colour but it does not feel like a brown cafeteria napkin! It’s naturolly soft, baby! As an added bonus, our bamboo papers are not treated with softeners, or any other toxic chemicals.

What does bamboo toilet paper feel like? 

Quite similar to wood pulp toilet paper, actually. If you want to get down to the nitty gritty, then bamboo is silkier whereas wood is plusher. In our honest opinion, 3-ply bamboo tissue is the equivalent of 2-ply wood tissue. For an in-depth comparison, check out our blog post

Is your toilet paper septic-tank, septic-system safe?

Yes, our toilet paper is all around septic-safe! 

Does your toilet paper contain chlorine bleach, elemental chlorine gas (ECG)?

Naturolly toilet paper is chlorine bleach free and elemental chlorine gas (ECG) free. Our TP is the natural colour of bamboo after it has been exposed to the sun.

Does your toilet paper contain paper softeners?

Our TP is softened mechanically without the use of additives and chemicals.

Which countries do you ship to?

We offer standard shipping to:

United States (excludes PO boxes, US military APO/FPO/DPO addresses, US territories, Hawaii, and Alaska)

 Email us at for separate quotes: 

 United States PO boxes, US military APO/FPO/DPO addresses, US territories, Hawaii, and Alaska

Where are your toilet paper rolls made?

Bamboo forests are not widely grown in North America, so to produce our 100% bamboo tissues we turn to where they're most abundant-- Sichuan, China. Our factory has been in the bamboo paper making business for over 50 years! Now that's tried and true. Learn more about our bamboo and manufacturing

How are the workers treated? 

Morality, fairness, ethics, and integrity are important to Naturolly. Our factory employees are respected, properly trained, and paid fair wages. For distribution in North America, we work with a Canadian company to pack and ship all your orders from Vancouver. 

Why aren't your rolls wrapped?

To that, we ask, "why not?" During the planning and designing process we've definitely considered printing paper wrappers to protect our rolls. We even surveyed some folks about it. In the end, we decided that wrappers went against our mission of keeping things simple, minimal, and easy.

Paper wrappers are indeed beautiful, but they are made with virgin bleached paper wrappers printed with ink which takes resources and produces extra waste. We don't want to put any extra packaging if we can get away with it. Paper wrappers can't be completely waterproof anyway, so it's not going to help in a downpour. 

As for dust and protection, we simply recommend keeping them in their box, in a cupboard or just let them be bare! Our unbleached tissues will definitely spark conversation with house guests if you let them shine.

We can always add paper wrappers later down the road if we come across a better reason to wrap our rolls. They will mostly likely be sustainable first, pretty second.

Since they're unwrapped, how do you ensure safety with COVID-19?

Our workers wear full-on protective gear (hair net, face shield, face mask, apron, gloves) when packing the rolls. In addition, we only sell new and unopened products on, so nothing opened and then returned will make it to our customers.

Bidets are better, right?

Bidets are great! But we know not everyone will be comfortable switching, so bamboo TP is a great sustainable option.

What about other eco-swaps such as reusable cloths?

They're totally rad. If you like them, please continue using them! But not all of us are comfortable with those yet. (We're all on our own journey, aren't we?) Like many people, toilet paper is what we used all our lives. It is a versatile toiletry that can be used to spot-clean the bathroom, to wipe glasses, for unexpected bathroom sneezes, etc. 

Wood scraps are used to make tree TP so it’s better, right?

Whole tree logs make up more than 40% of wood pulp exported from the boreal forest in Ontario. The scraps help justify the economic viability of the logging industry. Thus perpetuates the deforestation of more intact forests that take hundreds of years to grow. Tree TP companies buy this wood pulp and those trees end up flushed down the drain.

Do you offer a subscription service?

Yes, we do! You can choose your preferred subscription interval and you get a discount. Visit our product page to see your options. 

You will be billed by invoice, so please add to your address book to prevent your invoice from landing in your junk mail. The majority of our customers prefer invoice-billing, and we are technically unable to selectively enable automatic-billing for individuals at the moment. Apologies for the inconvenience.

Do you sell wholesale?

Update: Naturolly is selling wholesale to businesses in North America! We offer a free sample box to businesses with commercial addresses. You just pay shipping. Please contact us for more details.

Do you sell larger sizes? How will packages come if I order two boxes?

Our first and only product currently is the 24 roll box. It's a solo traveler that homes the toilet rolls from the moment of assembly to the moment you open the box in your home. If you want to order 48 rolls at once, two boxes will be packaged into an additional box. You will be getting three boxes in total. When we receive demand for the 48-roll size, we will most definitely deliver! 

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