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Our Manufacturer

Naturolly gives you the option to choose sustainability

Together, we can take a step closer to sustainability by supporting manufacturing practices that are environmentally responsible. Naturolly believes in the significance of sustainable changes an industrial scale to make a positive impact on the environment. 

Sichuan plateau after the rain by Jerry Zhang
Sichuan plateau after the rain (cr. Jerry Zhang)


Established in the late 1950's, our factory has the experience and reputation for crafting high quality bamboo pulp paper toiletries. We share their motivation of environmental protection through green innovation. 


Our factory owns the majority of the bamboo forests we harvest from, therefore we are not interfering with wildlife habitats. Our forests accumulate an increasing amount of bamboo because they grow faster than we can harvest. The remaining bamboo is owned by local farmers who do business by selling bamboo to us, thus forming a local sustainable development model. 


When producing anything there are going to be by-products, but we didn't want it to become our excuse to be uninformed. 

The carbon footprint of our products meets the international standard PAS 2050. Carbon Trust analysis show that comparable toilet paper carbon emissions ranges between 1.814g CO2e/sheet (UK) to 2.07g CO2e/sheet (Australia). Our toilet paper is significantly lower at 1.150g CO2e/sheet, taking into account the additional Trans-Pacific transportation.  

Our factory's level of waste water, waste gas, waste solids, noise pollution all have been reported to be lower than industry standard. 

At the end of production, treatment is applied to waste gas, waste water, and waste pulp before they are salvaged and then reused.


Our factory is ISO9001 (for management), ISO14001 (for environment), OHSAS18001 (for health) certified. They are FSC certified for their forest management.

Our bamboo toilet paper is SGS certified 100% bamboo pulp, CE, and FDA approved. 

Thoughtful Packaging

Everything is recyclable, compostable, and biodegradable. No more confusing plastic labels to decipher. They can all be recycled!

Naturolly unbleached bamboo toilet paper in recycled cardboard box printed with eco friendly soybean ink sealed with paper tape showing logos

Plastic-Free & Wrapper-Free

💚Recycled cardboard box 

💚Paper tape

💚Soybean-based packaging ink

Lower Your Carbon Footprint

From the moment each case is packed up to the moment you hold it on your hands there is only one box. 

No additional boxes were used and then discarded. It’s common practice for manufacturers to ship a box in a box in a box... 

Naturolly makes eco-friendly decisions so you can easily make sustainable choices.